Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

The Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Why a Franchise?
History has clearly shown that franchise businesses have a significantly higher success rate than independent start-up businesses. The initial franchise fee and ongoing royalty fees more-than justify the likely alternative cost of failure from an independent start-up business … or as an independent business having to eventually compete with the franchised business. A Team Blue® franchise has a proven system of operations, and is providing geographic protection and preopening, opening, and ongoing support with one purpose in mind … the financial success of our franchisees. We are teammates with our franchisees … Team Blue®.

Why should I join the Team Blue® team?
Team Blue® is an early stage franchise opportunity built on a solid foundation and well-positioned to become the first national car wash franchise brand. Your Team Blue® franchise is easy to own and easy to operate. Your TEAM Training and TEAM Support will have you up and running quickly. And, if you follow our operating systems—the TEAM Way—you’ll have the potential to reach your lifestyle and financial goals.

Franchise Fees and Royalty Fees?
Your Initial Franchise Fee goes toward;

  1. the preparation of the legal documents and individual state registrations,
  2. our expenses related to franchisee selection,
  3. our training and support provided to you prior to opening,
  4. your initial training,
  5. cost related to assisting you in the opening of your franchise,
  6. and the cost to develop and organize the franchise and related systems which includes trademark registration and protection.

Your Royalty Fee is for the brand name, the operating & marketing system that created a customer and got the customer to come back, as well as, the ongoing performance improvement resources provided to you to get and keep customers..

What are my Royalty Fees?
With your participation in our Franchise Founder Program, your ongoing royalty fee is 4.75% on gross sales for the first five years, then 5.75% thereafter. Your Team Blue® Advertising Fund fee is locked-in at 1.00% on gross sales for the 20 years of your franchise agreement.

What is the Franchise Founder Program?
A Team Blue® franchise is an early stage franchise opportunity for qualified candidates. To reward these pioneering individuals, the Franchise Founder Program provides reduced ongoing royalty fees, reduced ongoing advertising fund fees, and your opportunity to earn recurring monthly income by sharing in a royalty pool of ¼% of system-wide gross sales … your opportunity share in the growth of the company.

Can I own more than one Team Blue® franchise?
Yes, we encourage our franchise owners, who are qualified, to open multiple locations.

Do I have to lease?
No. You may also purchase property and build a facility, or purchase property with an existing building and remodel. Leasing or purchasing … the choice is yours depending on your personal investment strategy … and what types of sites are available in your marketplace.

Do you provide Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19 Financial Performance Representations?
Yes. We provide extremely detailed financial performance representations that have been called “the most detailed financial breakdown ever given by a franchisor.” Why do we give such clear guidance? We give it, because we’re proud of the Team Blue opportunity and want to share the success.

How do I get additional information?
To learn more, simply schedule a Personal Phone Call with Jeff Haas, Team Blue Co-Founder and Director of Franchise Development. Jeff will review the franchise opportunity in more detail by answering your questions. If applicable, your spouse and business associates are welcome to participate in the Personal Phone Call.

After the Personal Phone Call, what are the next steps?
Continue to have your questions answered. Team Blue® has complete transparency. If we then agree Team Blue® could be a good fit, the next step is to validate our franchise by visiting a Team Blue® Center and at the same time, meet with Jeff Haas. Of course, you are welcome to bring your spouse and business associates.


Opportunity to earn recurring monthly income by sharing in a royalty pool of 1/4% of system-wide gross sales. A limited time opportunity.

This no-obligation Personal Phone Call will answer your important questions. Our goal is to provide all the information necessary for you to make a well-informed decision.